The Founder

 It was the gentle hearted, psychedelic, festival washed hippies that first set the example of ethical and sustainable clothing for me. My teen summers were saturated with inspiration. But while I loved their style, I knew that organic clothing could be a larger niche- not just for yogis and festival goers. In fact it needed to be.

In those teen years I realized that I wanted a clothing company, and that it would be ethical and sustainable. You know those stories of clothing brands that started from the kitchen with one pair of leggings, or the living room with one pair of jeans? Mines a bit like that. I took over my mother’s dining room and made it into my sewing studio- I took custom orders, made some of my own things, experimented with natural dyes and got good at designing. I grew up in Kelowna, a hometown that nurtured my creativity well and still does. There, in 2015 I studied business planning and earned a grant with Community Futures where I founded Earth and Elle. Soon after, I moved to the Sea to Sky Corridor and started a more rural lifestyle with Elliot a couple years after we met in Hawaii and stuck together.

Being creative allows me to rejoice and connect with spirit, although that doesn’t feel complete unless I consider the whole picture... the Earth. Clothing needs a lot of resource and takes a long process to become tangible and marketable. It's with that muse that I decided to resurrect old fibres into modern, desirable clothes. Using contemporary design; hemp, flax, organic cotton and maybe some bamboo will lead the way to a more sustainable future, while new ways of decomposing waste will lead the way out of our devastating current.