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The Undergarments

Bras + undies that give comforts like floral tea and honey—made for the most sacred places of our bodies. Because what we wear underneath is for our {own} gaze. What we wear underneath should complement our always evolving, open-ended being-ness.
We choose a comfortable, soft, earthy blend of hemp and organic cotton for our bras + undies while making them available in an array of colours and neutral tones that we know you'll love. They are made by sewing technicians who we trust, at a factory in Richmond BC, Canada.

Earth— of the natural world.
Elle— of beauty and expression.

Earth and Elle is the brain-child of Rachelle, who designs all of our garments {with the help of our beautiful customers} from her home-based atelier. We are based a few hours north of Vancouver BC, nestled in a rural landscape. We love to grow gardens abundant with herbs, flowers, veggies, and dye plants from spring to fall while conjuring up new designs for Earth and Elle during the winter.

Founder of Earth and Elle

Meet Rach[elle]

Out of sheer curiosity and infatuation with natural, alternative ways of living in 2010, I began adapting my wardrobe to a more environmentally considerate one among changing other aspects of my lifestyle. Wearing clothing made from eucalyptus, organic cotton, hemp, and recycled plastic bottles, I was one of a few wearing such fabrics in the small city of Kelowna. Soon, I was inspired to learn to sew and experiment with natural dyes.

The aim was to create an earth friendly wardrobe with my own hands, and if I needed to buy something, it had to be ethically made with natural fabrics, ideally organic. Eventually, others saw value in what I did. I think because what I was doing surfaced ideas that hadn't been thought about for a while, due to the rise of fast fashion, such as customizing and repairing pre-loved garments. At the time, I had already been making and selling sacred stone jewelry and my dreams began to shift towards owning a clothing brand that honoured the earth. Before I knew it, I was commissioning leggings, bandeaus, and even crazy customized work. Seeing that I could sell the clothing I made was proof of concept for me, so I studied business through Community Futures and eventually signed up for online fashion marketing courses.

There have been times of doubt through it all. In school, we are told to pick a safe career that costs hundreds and thousands of dollars, and then move on to having a comfortable life. I scarcely attempted to comply to that rhetoric. It was proven too quickly that my soul couldn't live that way. Sure, in the end, my way has its own hard set of challenges. But I'd prefer it this way to any other option.

Nine years went by selling the things I made among studying the business side of fashion. Within those years, I learned how to tie the ropes of fashion, art, and entrepreneurship into a nice tight knot. Eventually, Earth and Elle emerged and with it, a distinct voice that I help shape in the world of ethical, organic clothing.

Today my business is a platform to share the creative vibe in me which inevitably flows. I send it into this brand and my designs with the desire to serve comfort and muse through comfortable, organic, locally manufactured bras + undies and handmade clothing. Mixing in art into everyday garments remains a passion of mine. Occasionally, you'll see the use of natural dyes, eco-printing, and drawing within handmade collections. In all honesty —I'm an artist. The real reason that I started this business was to allow myself to be free in that. There is always so much more taking root. It just takes time, as nature does.

 Top photo by Trina Cary
Bottom two photos by Jessie McNaught