meet rachelle

I'm Rach[elle]

 The designer and founder. I have a vivid dream world, and an overwhelming amount of creative energy.

A friend of mine once said that I'm the company they’d want in revolutionary times. I think times are quite revolutionary these days — maybe they’ve actually been revolutionary forever — so I think an evolving mind and an open heart is worth living in, and sharing, always.

I've never subscribed to a concrete identity; though to shortly describe who I am — I am a gardener, a folk herbalist, I practice music, movement, sports, and I love creating all kinds of art. I love how all the things I enjoy doing connect to each other in some way, and that's why I love to embody them all... My inspiration is focused, yet multidimensional. I'm an artist; in business as a designer.

As a plant lover with the soul of an artist, I'm inspired by weaving modern and old ways together. I truly believe that we are not as individual as we're trained to think; we're influenced by the thousands of mothers and fathers before us and present with us. We're conditioned by the people and places that surround us from the past and present; whether we're aware of it or not. And so in an attempt to draw upon deeper meaning of what it is to be human, I look towards my old, earth honouring, pre-colonial ancestors for guidance. I connect with them to call myself into the highest version of me; so I can be in more authentic relation with the land, plant, animal, elemental, and human Queendoms.

At 16 years old, I started making my own clothes with natural fabrics. I can design and sew almost anything from scratch if I’m up for it — though to start a business, I wanted to start with something simple, beautiful, and comfy that everyone needs. So I chose bras and undies :) I conjure the designs for Earth and Elle in my very small atelier at home. My partner and I are nestled in the beautiful mountain landscape of the St’at’imc territory, about 3 hours north of so-called Vancouver. 

Photo by Erika J Sullivan