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Lavender flowers stand tall on hardy stalks, their little purple blossoms like fairy kisses. Lavenders’ powerful, sensual aroma and purple hue is a joy to be in presence with. Lavenders’ qualities are the essence of sweetness, and inner nourishment on a soul level. This bundle of lavender infused goods is intended to give you a relaxing, uplifting, and refreshing embrace of lavender fields, any time you need it.

Be hugged by the essence of lavender all day. In the morning, massage your wrists with the lavender healing herbal oil. Wear the lavender scarf as you go about the day. After dinner, brew a cup of lavender infusion before bed to fall into the dreamworld with the love of lavender.

This is an experience of natural colour, wearable art, and folk herbalism. This is an offering from the spirit of lavender.

It includes:
A scarf, hand-dyed with lavender
A sachet to store the scarf in (to preserve the scent)
Herbal infused lavender body oil by L'Artemisia Herbal Medicine
Lavender Love tea blend

The Scarf ($130 value)
The scarf is dyed with a loving six step dye process to achieve deep, and lasting, all-natural colour. The sixth step is steeping the cloth itself in a potent lavender brew, to enchant it with the scent of lavender. These delicious, lavender-perfumed scarves can work as a bandanna, triangle top, or beach sarong.

Fabric: 55%hemp, 45% organic cotton
Under-dyed with Symplocos and Myrobalan From Maiwa Handprint
Dyed with Sequoia from Maiwa Handprint
Over-dyed with Lavendula intermedia
Hand wash and hang to dry only

The Oil ($40)
Caring for yourself by oiling the body is hydrating, and incredibly soothing to the nervous system. Whole plant infused body oils are a beautiful, sensual, and effective home remedy for sore muscles, overstimulation, exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety, and insomnia. It’s not only a pleasurable self care ritual, but can be a beautiful way to give care to a friend or loved one, simply by massaging their feet or hands.

This lavender oil is gentle and delicious on the skin. It puts your mind at ease, almost as if you’re resting in a field of fresh lavender blossoms. It smells like fresh lavender blossoms — I tell you! For deep stress relief, massage it over the whole body before jumping in the bath for deep moisturizing, add a few pumps into your bath water for aromatherapy, and hop into the most glorious bath ever. Sip on a cup of Lavender Love tea as you soak. Oil just your hands, earlobes, and feet for a quick and effective self care moment before bed, especially if prone to cold hands and feet. Use as a folk remedy to ease insect bite itches.

Aside from the pure pleasure of being in the presence of lavender, its scents can help uplift the spirit when down or uneasy. As a loving, light-hearted herb, it can help support the work of emotional balancing, and coming out of mild depression. It is also recommended to help relax tension for headache sufferers.

This special oil is made by clinical herbalist Celine Cuevas of La Artemisia Herbal Medicine, with the fresh lavender blossoms from From the Garden Shed. Learn more about Celine and La Artemisia Herbal medicine on her website and social media: | @la.artemisia

Ingredients: organic olive oil, Organic Lavandula x intermedia, small trace of alcohol for optimal extraction and preservation. External use only. Shelf stable for 2 years when stored in a cool, dark place. Not for use on open wounds. Not meant to treat or diagnose symptoms. 

The Herbal Infusion ($35 value)
Lavender can help uplift the spirit when one is experiencing tensions such as stress, anxiety, and mild depression. It is a gentle nervine, being nourishing to the nervous system. Being a mild sedative with a strong, lovely scent, it can be helpful for calming an over-active mind at night. Lavender can also be helpful for headaches.

Place 2 teaspoons into your favourite mug. Pour almost boiling water over the herbs. Cover, and steep for 3 minutes. Boiling water and over-steeping can cause the flowers to become bitter.

Ingredients: Lavender,* Oat Straw,* Tulsi* ( ), Freeze dried Canadian blueberries (organic*)Lavender tea is safe for children. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid pure lavender tea and tulsi, or consult with a professional first.

The Sachet ($50 value)
The sachet is handmade, and painted with handmade carbon black ink.
Dried lavender blossoms are sewn inside so you can keep your scarf smelling fresh when you aren't wearing it. The sachet is not meant to be washed. All fabric content in the sachet is 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton.