Meet the owner and designer

Out of sheer curiosity and infatuation with natural, alternative ways of living in 2010, I began adapting my wardrobe to a more environmentally considerate one among changing other aspects of my lifestyle. Wearing clothing made from hemp, recycled plastic bottles, eucalyptus and organic cotton, I was one of a few wearing such fabrics in the small city of Kelowna. Soon I was inspired to learn to sew and experiment with natural dyes.
The new aim was to create my own earth friendly wardrobe by hand and if I needed to buy something, it had to be ethical and natural. Eventually, others saw value in what I did -I think because it surfaced ideas people hadn't thought about for a while... Creating with natural things, customizing and fixing clothing, creating from scratch. Seeing that as proof of concept, I studied business and began selling the things I made.
          There have been times of doubt though. My generation was told to pick a career (that entailed spending hundreds of thousands to get) that would make lot's of money and move on with life. That I could only have the comforts of life if I went that way. I tried to listen, but it was proven pretty quickly to me that the conventional system of working and living wasn't made for a soul like mine. Sure, in the end my way had it's own set of challenges. But I got to keep my peace of mind and that was and still is worth everything. 
Since then, I’ve learnt how to tie the ropes of fashion, art and entrepreneurship into a nice tight knot. Nine years of making and selling by hand went by, among studying the mundane business aspects of fashion. Slowly, Earth and Elle emerged and with it it's own distinct voice that I help shape in the world of natural beauty, alternative values and organic, ethical clothing.
Today, Earth and Elle is a platform to share the creative vibe in me which inevitably flows. I send it into this brand and into my designs, with the desire to serve comfort and muse through non-toxic, natural, organic, comfortable clothing, bras and underwear for women. Mixing in art into everyday wear remains a passion of mine, hence the use of natural or wildcrafted dyes, eco printing, drawing and handcrafted clothing alongside the ethically manufactured line of bras and underwear coming in 2020.

At home tucked in the forest 



Wild swimming is a frequent occurrence in the summer



The garden falls asleep in the fall