about us

Bras + undies for whole body comfort
Handcrafted clothing for everyday expression

Because what we wear underneath should compliment our ever evolving, open ended being-ness. 
Using elements of nature, our garments are organic and simple, occasionally embellished with art. Art, to reflect on the beauty of all that is -nature, life, and how we each move through it all...
          Style is to be an extension of the wearer, without distracting from their true personality. As such, each Earth and Elle piece is designed to shine true in that way, adding to the whole nature of who you are.

Treading lightly through life and business

Earth and Elle is the brain-child of owner and designer Rachelle, who dreams up the garments in her homestead atelier. The bras + undies are locally sewn at a factory in Vancouver, BC, while clothing is handcrafted in the atelier and often hand dyed with plants. We use fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton and linenWe are based three hours north of Vancouver, BC, nested in a rural landscape where we grow gardens abundant with herbs, flowers and vegetables.

Earth based thinkers

Thoughtful in expression

Believers in magic