Summer 2016, Elliot in the garden
Cover photo marks fall 2017, Rachelle & Elliot planting garlic


I suppose "we" forgot that the earth really does provide everything we need when we decided that producing and preserving food was too hard and too dirty. We need time to make more money instead. We became disconnected with food and our growers entirely- in fact I remember in 6th grade, we played a career game and farming was the least desired job. Farmers were even perceived to be uneducated and impoverished. That's not always true.
Anyhow, before our very eyes, seeds fell into the hands of labs and monsanto while we were looking away. With so many daily responsibilities, how can one think of nurturing a carrot patch anyways?


By depleting the soil with sulphite-based chemical plant foods, the soils' immune system (microbes and mycelium) becomes weak. It's mass becomes depleted and the plants have a hard time fighting disease. Why change the DNA of the plant to keep up with all that instead of using simple soil science? And how... HOW is it easier to fund the science to transfer cells in a lab and test a new genetically modified organism than it is to simply use what the earth has already perfected for us? Yes, we can produce food with this method. But I can't help hearing the earth cry to us; 
"I've been here with everything you need the whole time, you don't have to manipulate what I provide."

I know, the learning is endless... There is so much more to know. I find myself asking lately why GMOs began in the first place? It's everything from profit to world hunger to pure science curiosity, I'm sure. It's vast. There are simple resolves in our own homes and communities but our food situation today is complex and political on the big globe. Understandably so. Nevertheless; choose what's best for you. 

Tread lightly, have compassion. 

Spring 2013 at Manna Farm, by Elliot, Tanner, Sarah and friends

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