November 03 2018 – Rachelle Love




It was a chilly morning and a cloud had been caught in our valley. We were admiring the fog and the steam coming off our freshly tilled soil, in preparation for our annual garlic planting. 

It’s October 17th and power was supposed to arrive on the 19th. Flabbergasted, Elliot notices our hook up is all ready to go. I thought from the look on his face that he was joking. But he wasn't and we broke into celebration. The first things we plugged in are the fridge, (so long, coolers… it was a slice) a light in the kitchen, a speaker for music and an essential oil diffuser. Oh, the simple pleasures. Getting electricity doesn’t mean you automatically have cell service and internet though. 

It was interesting to see how used to doing things with utilities we all are. Even still, people think that because we have electricity they can send us a message over Facebook. Or that because we can phone them, we have cell service. Society has definitely forgotten about landlines… They do still exist…! 


For the last 2.5 months we had been running power from a car battery bank which has been enough to use one light and occasionally charge our phones. We had to buy pre ground coffee. 

We cooked on a propane stove and showered outside. We still answer emails in town at a cafe. We simply didn’t watch movies and honestly, it’s all been a nice cleanse. Not having regular amenities reminds you how to slow down and come up with creative solutions. It was fun while it lasted.


You see, the housing market is not reachable for 20-30 somethings in BC. Even renting a place is ruthless. Unless you have a trust fund or a masters degree you can actually use in something; good luck finding something put together that includes personal privacy. You have to get creative to live here. 


We live 35 minutes outside of a small town north of Whistler and are quite happy living on the fringes of society. For 4 years, we took advantage of cheap living situations in the area and worked our butts off in hopes to find a piece of raw, farmable land. We came across the very last affordable piece in the Sea to Sky and scooped it up in the fall of 2017. We’re now set up with 200amps of electricity and the new Earth and Elle studio should be running smoothly soon. 

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