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Each day I walk outside and am filled with wonder.
The mountains that hug our narrow valley cascade over the day. What I love most about this area is are the colours and smells of the air. The angle of the sun contrasting mountains, mist, rain… Once on my drive home, the whole area of Elliot’s old farm house was casted in a deep purple hue. I felt like I was driving through the Jimi Hendrix song Purple Haze.
In the spring, thousands of poplar blossoms fill the air with honey aroma, while the wind still carries a crisp chill from the alpine. Cedar groves and moss to lay in. Fresh, clear waters to dip in the summer. And the soil, in certain areas, plump, black, and alive with microbes.
At 18, I had an ugly mental tipping point: the choice of lifestyle. It became obvious that I did terribly in a conventional 9-5 environment. I learned that I need to be close to these sensations of nature (even if I’m stuck inside sewing all day.)
My dream became living in nature while pursuing a natural clothing label. It’s daunting and somewhat isolating at times. But the trade off is worth it, I’m a lone wolf anyways. So far the dream is working.
View from our yard 
Evening walk 

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