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It was right when I decided I wanted an ethical clothing company that I knew I'd have a conscious closet...

Sometimes I feel like there are so many versions of me, and that certainly reflects in my clothes. So here it is, friends, a speckle of my conscious closet.

If there's one thing I've learnt on this journey, it's that loving your clothes and having personal style doesn't have to be conceited. It's just an outward expression coming from within.

It's also important to remember that when it comes to a "conscious closet" nobody does it perfectly. 

The clothes I wear at home
Tank - Earth and Elle/made by me/hemp, organic cotton
Pants - Earth and Elle/made by me/hemp, organic cotton, eco printed 
Scarf - Nepalese wild nettle fibre 

Things I wear out and about
Tank - Earth and Elle/made by me/hemp, organic cotton, eco printed
Cardigan - Hand-me-down linen
Jeans - Fidelity Denim, Made in USA

In the garden
Levi jeans - 100% cotton
Maiwa skirt - Linen 

Casual event wear
Dress - Earth and Elle/made by me/hemp, organic cotton. A design I experimented with making. Hemp, organic cotton
Overcoat - Used House of Vintage
Pants - Earth and Elle 

Cozy everyday
Shirt - Found at the Re-Use It Whistler, and it's linen! 
Hoodie - ELLIOT MADE IT FOR ME. One of my favourite things ever. Hemp/organic cotton.
Jeans - Fidelity Denim, made in USA


Same overcoat, styled differently
Tank - Simons, organic cotton
Blouse - Lady Madonna Vintage, Silk 
Jeans - Current:Elliot, found for free. At the Free Store. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. Someone spent $200 on these and I found them free. Thanks person!

Holiday feels
Scarf - Worldy Accents, has lived in my closet for 15 years!! Wool.
Top - Earth and Elle/made by me/hemp, organic cotton
Pants - Earth and Elle/made by me/hemp, organic cotton

Basic winter day out and not in the mood for fancy styling. We all have those right?! 
Sweater - Gift from mom, wool
Cardigan - Hand-me-down linen
Pants - Hand-me-down JAC by JC


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