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Written by guest writer Kate Graham
Kate introduces our collaboration in the first guest post, Convenient Clothes


As with most clothing items, when looking at the top, I was at first thinking “uh oh, I’ve tried things like this before and they didn’t work on my body”. 

My jaw dropped when I tried it on. Before I even looked in the mirror, I knew something was different about Earth and Elle’s design. The simplicity and care in these pieces provide a perfect fit. The bra fits just as beautifully! And out came a huge sigh of relief. 

The Reason for the Sigh:

I remember the thoughts I had as a teenager, feeling so sure that whatever I had chosen to try on would look great. I could envision my body looking like the images I’d seen of similar looking people wearing a similar piece, and I would stroll confidently to a poorly lit change room. Then in an instant, my confidence would shatter, and shame would set in. “They didn’t make that clothing to suit everyone, just the ‘norm’, so I must be abnormal,” I would think to myself.

The next time I entered a store, I entered with a little more apprehension, and so on and so on until my body image had become totally warped. My heart would race if I ruined a staple piece of clothing, thinking about replacing it. I chose to believe it was my body that was the problem, and stopped feeding it properly. 

No pills, no amount of exercise, no amount of hunger was the solution. I fed my mind with negativity.

This Body is Beautiful:

Now I’m lucky to have since adjusted a lot of those beliefs which told me I was too curvy or not curvy enough. I’m grateful to have been shown my worth through many other means, and to have figured out what the truth is when I look at my reflection. 

What I see now is beautiful, but believe me it still takes me a minute to get there! Sometimes it takes more than a minute, so I stay looking until I see the truth. And the truth, is always beautiful. 

This Body is Capable:

While on my last trip, I volunteered at a temple, where the respectful way to dress was by covering up one’s shape. At the end of a particularly long day of volunteering at the temple, I stood alone in my room. I shed the layers, which had been feeling particularly cumbersome that day. 

I’d forgotten what it was like to admire my shape, to know that I have been blessed with a form that works hard and shows those stories. I saw with complete honesty the scar on my ankle from a tick bite I’d received weeks earlier clearing weeds, my middle comfortably full from potato pakora and dahl. My cheeks were pink from the cold Scottish air I’d just gotten in from. Bruises covered my legs, where did those come from? Yes, that’s right. I’d walked into flower pot after picking flowers for garlands. My fingers were still slightly green tinted. 

My body is a vessel. A hard working vessel at that. It was fine with me to respectfully cover it, but I had made the mistake of neglecting to appreciate it! 

Parting Thoughts:

In this body, in this lifetime, we are meant to take up space. Each of my cells contain energy and at its core that energy is the same that makes up flowers, fruit, art, your favourite smells, the warm breeze, and the most precious things. We are blooming and growing at all times, like flowers. We are juicy and flavourful as fruit, awe inspiring as art. That smell you love, the breeze which comforts you, we are all of it!

Shine as you know you love to shine, and it will show others it is safe for them to shine too.

My body is a beautiful vessel. A container for all that I am, and everything that I am, you are too, so -

We are all beautiful vessels.


Written by Kate Graham, Heart's Frontier 

Speaker/Teacher, Transformative Healing Guide

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