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Minimalist. Minimalism. Minimal.

It’s a topic lately and I don't know why it makes me itch in a weird way... so here, I'm going to attempt to write out my feeling about the whole thing in hopes that both you and I will benefit from my thoughts and bits of research.

To start, I did a quick Wikipedia search. I learnt that minimalism actually started as an art movement. It was a reaction against abstract expressionism during post World War two in American art, during the 60’s and 70’s. How interesting…!

Today though, minimalism has become a statement that influences much beyond visual arts, music and other fine art mediums. Extending to not just fashion design but peoples’ entire wardrobe curations, makeup looks, not just interior design but contents in one's overall home, and even how many purchases one makes in a year. Essentially… minimalism is referred to as a lifestyle.

Back to my itch. Style wise, I do like the appeal of minimalist style. However, I sometimes find it a bit violating. Violating, like I have to remove colour just to get that look. Rather, I am always fine tuning a balance between dressing simply and un-fussy, while keeping on those elements that make me feel like me. While I'm a believer that good editing is essential, I also like my moods to influence my dressing ritual, to dress freely in a sense. I guess I often think minimalism would restrict my 'style' to a standard.

Yes… I do feel that minimalism can be restrictive. And I live in a small home shared with another human and a cat. Yes, that is restrictive of space... So much so that I even feel those facts alone should be a reason to adopt minimalism. But, we are thoughtful about items we let into our home, closets and such. Honestly though, we are both project people. We like salvaging stuff and we both have many creative things going on at all times.

Our bottom floor is just short of 200 sq. ft with an additional 80 for our bedroom bunk. We've done very well with incorporating storage to conceal our ‘clutter’ and frequently purge the stuff that we don't use in a responsible manner.

Needless to say, we have stuff and I'm not really afraid of it.

Additionally and slightly off topic; I've noted within the ethers of internet content that adopting a minimalist lifestyle has been suggested as a sustainable thing to do. I don't get that though. How is getting rid of things sustainable? Sure, it clears the head and that feels good. But stuff sits on the earth no matter how or where you dispose of it. What am I missing? I can see if you don't have much to begin with and are very careful and minimal with purchasing, using money to vote with your dollar on things you believe in, how that is a thing. Otherwise... Either I am mixed up or is the message is.  If you're inclined to enlighten me in the comments… please do.

Back to the point. My feeling after talking this out are, well… That I'm neither a minimalist or a maximalist. I don't feel the need to label the way I manage my things or my clothes.

What are your thoughts? Do you love minimalism or is it not really your thing? Whichever you like, I advocate for staying true to what makes you feel good. Dress and live based on your values and forget the need to impress or receive validation from others.

Do you darling.


I welcome your comments and conversation in this space.
Let's be together kindly.

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