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I sometimes get asked where I get my makeup and if it is green/sustainable. The answer is yes! So I thought I'd tell you about my journey with makeup as an environmentally discerning person and which brands I prefer.

I've never been a big makeup wearer, though when I got deeper into fashion it's almost like I felt a bit of pressure to wear it more. Eventually, I didn't like my bare face as much as I used to! Which is so strange considering I didn't own any cosmetics prior to that time, not wanting to support the industries bad habits: animal testing, toxic ingredients etc. Maybe I had a lipstick and an eyelash curler- that's it. During that fashion phase, I bent my own rules a bit. I started to accumulate makeup products, the most natural/cruelty free ones on the market I could find at the time. Oh and perhaps one Chanel item... Oops. Then when the Green Vanity opened in Kelowna in 2014(?) I very slowly phased out those and replaced them with brands who are doing natural and cruelty free so perfectly that I didn't need to carry an ounce of guilt for supporting the naughty, naughty beauty industry. 

Now, there is an opportunity to support a women-led micro industry that cares about quality, health and function just as much as they do about natural, cruelty free and even circular economy. (Recycling cosmetic packaging is no easy feat.)

In fact, I believe it's a form of peaceful protest. It is saying no to excess vanity that exploits people and the planet.

"When you're naturally used to
your bare face,
there's no feeling of 
needing to cover it up so much, or even at all."


As I soon grew out of that ‘fashion' phase and into the idea that simple, well designed clothing is all one needs, I began feeling like I didn't need to wear as much makeup anyways.

Especially now that I am living quite a rural lifestyle, I rarely feel the need to apply it. It's just not necessary for life right now. I remember when I would travel to festivals and such, I never brought makeup. And as soon as I got home and there was an occasion to wear it, I'd immediately wipe it off because it felt and looked odd. When you're naturally used to your bare face, there's no feeling of needing to cover it up so much, or even at all.

Where photoshoots used to be an occasion to pile on the colours and powders, I no longer feel that it's necessary. Especially since that isn't how I am in real life!



While I'll never be a full face of makeup everyday kind of person, (too much work!) I've come to a place where I like having a few earth minded options for days when I want to be expressive in that way. Or let's be honest... Don't want to look as tired as I really am. A dab of tinted cream, a dust of shadow, maybe a spot of blush, a swipe of mascara and maybe a lip colour will do it for me. Most days it's just a bare face and lip balm and that's just fine! 

As for brands, they have to be green and cruelty free or I simply won't buy, not even for Halloween. My all time favourite brand is Elate cosmetics. Their ingredients are natural, non toxic, not tested on animals, vegan and made right in Victoria, BC. Plus I love that all their packaging is made from bamboo. I recently got their capsule box, where each little makeup plate has a magnet so you never have to throw away the original container- just get a magnetic refill. I have also been liking SAPPHO New Paradigms' tinted CC cream that is made in Vancouver; also vegan/non toxic/not tested on animals.

If you must, you can purchase both these brands at my two favourite holistic beauty stores in BC: The Green Vanity in Kelowna and Harlow Atelier in Vancouver. Both stores fill in all the gaps for discerning hearts who still want to wear a bit of makeup once in a while, and offer a lot more than just that in terms of products and customer service. 

And one more thing:
These brands are affordable.



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