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Written by guest writer Kate Graham


First, let’s get acquainted.

My name is Kate. I am a writer, business advisor, and practitioner of healing techniques (yin/restorative yoga, Thai massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, energy work). For the last two months, I have been travelling in Europe, doing one of those ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ kind of trips. I’ve still got a little less than a month abroad, but felt compelled to share this story now.


Before leaving Canada, I donated a great deal of my clothing, and minimized my wardrobe. Actually, I downsized everything. Many things lead me to downsizing, but clothing for me was the more challenging aspect of my life to action out! 

This was shocking to me, as I never thought I cared very much about clothing. See, that was actually what caused it. I began to become more aware, and care more deeply about the clothing I owned.

I felt I was starting to feel the impact these clothes had on the world, and therefore on myself. As I woke up in the mornings and thought about what to wear, I would be frustrated by the items I was choosing from. I would be thinking ‘where was this made, and by who’, ‘do I need this, I have something similar’,  ‘why do I seem to need so many articles of clothing’, etc. 

I began to recycle my wardrobe using only my favourites. This lead me to feel guilty for ‘wasting’ the other clothes, them just sitting there, when someone else could be using them. 

What’s Left:

Most of the clothes I kept in the end were either handmade, vintage (bought secondhand), or given to me as a gift (from a small local shop with small ethical brands). This comes as no surprise to me of course! 

Since working with energy in healing, I’ve begun to notice that ethically sourced items generally carry a different energetic history. These clothes are naturally more attractive as they carry a warmer energy, and my choices in remaining clothes clearly reflected that. 

Flash Forward:

Packing my suitcase, I knew that my new Earth and Elle bralette and bra-tank belonged in there. They were the some of the first pieces I set aside! Bringing only a carry-on for three months in Europe, I had to be very clear about which clothing items belonged with me. 

While dancing with spirits at Anam Cara, exploring the Glasgow Botanic Gardens, wandering around towns, and gardening at the Krishna Eco Farm, these two pieces have provided me with comfort and protection. Oh, and they look gorgeous too!


Kate visiting the Gasgow botanical gardens in
Scotland, accompanied with an Earth and Elle bralette! 


Why it Matters:

Supporting brands who are doing it right - slowly, consciously, lovingly - is one of the best ways we can begin making things shift. Rachelle of Earth and Elle has shown me some of her process, and I am in awe of her integrity and inspired way of living. I mean seriously, her studio and home are in such a beautiful place - and the first thing she took care of was putting in a garden! Her gentle caring nature somehow gets translated into her designs and every piece of clothing she creates. 

It can be challenging to communicate the desperation to which Mother Nature would benefit from us making good choices toward our clothing. If you would like to experience some conversation with her though, try going to a tree. Put your hands on the tree and ask how the Earth is doing, and what you could do. This was how I got the call to collaborate with Earth and Elle. “Share those who are doing good, make intentional choices” was the message I’d received.

From This Point Forward:

It is my intention that if things are added to my closet, they are filled with love and friendly to our environment. In a world where fast fashion and convenience are causing damage to our Mother Earth, it’s ever important that we make the best decisions we can about what to wear. 


Written by Kate Graham, Heart's Frontier 

Speaker/Teacher, Transformative Healing Guide

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 Moments in the garden Rachelle put in that Kate mentions in the article


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