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What a mouthful of C's. Conscious clothing closet… hah. I had a hard time naming this blog because I think there are so many things it falls under. I'm a conscious clothing designer, whose closet is also "conscious" while it is very, very small. It's not a capsule wardrobe either, because I'm not into that. You'd think living in a tiny house would be incentive to adopt the capsule wardrobe concept, but I love all my things too much to narrow down my clothes to 30 items or whichever number is used. 

Basically, SINCE I love clothes and I also live in a tiny house, I need to be [somewhat] strategic about my closet organization skills. And no, I don't have a one of those closets with perfect aesthetics. Not in the least. In fact, I'm not even going to try and make it look that way for the purpose of this post.

So how do two people organize a tiny house closet, you ask?

Keep clean laundry in the basket downstairs until someone feels like carrying it up the bunk. That’s the first step.
Just kidding.

Anyways, since our bedroom is a bunk, we were able to make the hanging portion of the closet suspended from the roof. One half is mine and one half is his. Then for for our folded clothes, we have two open shelving units which are okay for now, but we're hoping to improve the functionality of that soon. Hanging baskets maybe? That would be Instagram worthy.
One thing at a time.

Then, it's important to store seasonal clothes away. We don't have the space to keep everything out all the time. Besides... "styling summer clothes for winter" isn't the greatest idea in the thick of winter here in the mountains of BC, Canada… Unless it’s a couple of my favourite linen pieces, like my long skirt that I can wear pants under. Or a dress overtop? Both look great if done right, just saying. Storing clothes away for a little while each year doesn't bother me. I like the ritual of choosing items that feel relevant to each changing season. I find it lets me keep old clothes feeling fresh too.

Storing clothes away for a little while each year doesn't  bother me. I like the ritual of choosing items that feel relevant to each changing season.

Why I attach the word "conscious" to my closet

For me, it means being mindful. There are so many sectors of mindfulness regarding clothes and I think the word 'conscious' lines them all up smoothly. Eco, ethical, sustainable, slow... So many buzz words with varied meanings that all fall under the concept of being conscious about what we take home. When I shop, ideally I try to encompass them all.
That means only purchasing clothes that I love and know I'll get long term use out of. Full spectrum yes's only! 
Of course, seeking natural fabrics is a must for me too. Nothing is more exciting than finding secondhand linen and silk! Yes... Secondhand. Unless theres a piece of clothing I really, really want in my wardrobe that I likely won't ever make for myself or for Earth and Elle, second hand it is. 

Despite having limited space, it was important to me to have our nice clothes hanging up. We found a way to hang them from the roof, which conveniently separates our room from the rest of the house. 


The book and blanket shelves in our tiny home. I can't live without books.

Sacred spaces in the home


The main kitchen wall, stocked with a coffee bar and housing our dishes. Elliot handmade the shelves himself with pine wood.


These photos were snapped before the new shelves made our kitchen life way easier and organized! 

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